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8 Minutes is a short, but extremely powerful production important for everyone to see. The total length of the film is just 16 minutes. The first eight minutes describe how surprisingly intelligent, warm and caring animals are. The second eight minutes shows how some of these same animals end up on our plates when the film visits a slaughterhouse.

The film is an attempt to bridge the big disconnection between what's on the dinner plate and how it got there. Although 8 Minutes is graphic and violent, everyone should watch it, particularly those with a meat-eating habit.  We would also recommend it be shown to older children with parent supervision. 
Here are some comments from viewers:

"Profound...Poignant...A challenge to watch."
"A beautiful presentation of a difficult subject matter."
"The juxtaposition of video is brilliant - and damning."
"A bright spotlight on the dark side of our eating habits."
"Everyone in the world needs to spend just a few minutes of their life to see this."
"The haunting images will never leave me."

8 Minutes will be the most powerful and moving eight minutes of film you will ever see. And you will be a better person because of it.

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8 Minutes

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